Ringo Presents Soul Hackers 2 April 23rd Daily Demon; Wait, What…Milady?

Link to Daily Demons from March

This forty-fifth video’s contents have been translated by our team’s Ryuji, viewable below:

Today’s Demon of the Da…huhh? Where did it go?! …Oh, I see a silhouette. It’s…Milady!

Milady’s an advocate for the truth. Normally speaking, that would make her and Arrow enemies, but…she’s the type to change sides if it means it will benefit her in pursuit of the truth. That…can be good or bad, depending on your perspective. Well, as my motto goes: “As long as there’s no fights to the death, it’s no problemo.”

Today’s luckiest constellation is Taurus. If you want to become a two-faced lady like Milady, may I suggest working on your acting with some movies?

“Humans can’t just live by themselves, can they?” I see, I see. Well then, see you tomorrow!

You can view the April 23 Daily Demon video for Soul Hackers 2 below:

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