JAST BLUE Announces Varenyett’s BL Visual Novel ‘Sorcerer’s Choice: Angel or Demon’ Western Release

JAST BLUE, the BL-focused branch of JAST USA, has announced the western release of Sorcerer’s Choice: Angel or Demon. Known in Japanese as Mahoutsukai to Tenshi to Akuma, this is their first game that wasn’t developed by Nitro+Chiral. The company hasn’t revealed a release window yet but we already know it’ll be available on PC.

Developed by Varenyett, Sorcerer’s Choice: Angel or Demon tells the story of a boy called Lucil (VA: Aoba Nanami), the grandson of a great magician. After his house is attacked by a mob, his grandfather saves him by teleporting the boy to another area where two supernatural beings offer him a hand.

On one hand, he may pick the help of an angel called Flow, whose voice actor is Kyousai Nanoka. On the other, he could succumb to the temptation of siding with the demon Lobella, who’s voiced by Sawa Manaka (Dramatical Murder’s Clear). Depending on whose help he gets, his story may take drastically different directions as he gets closer to those mysterious men.

Sorcerer’s Choice: Angel or Demon features illustrations by Nishio Tooru, whose other works include Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori and Torikago no Marriage. She was also the original planner and worked on the story alongside Chitose Rima, Sakamata Shigeru and Yukie Yuta.

We’ll be sure to let you know as JAST shares more information on this upcoming project and more.

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