Sony Launches Soundtracks for Wild Arms, White Knight Chronicles, Gravity Rush & More via Spotify

Sony has launched various classic soundtracks on Spotify for several notable video game IPs, including Gravity Rush, Wild Arms, Shadow of the Colossus, White Knight Chronicles, and more.

Of these various soundtracks, Gravity Rush and Wild Arms are our personal recommendations. The latter especially has a sense of nostalgic distinction that’s even effective for those who didn’t grow up with the series. The opening alone is quite legendary.

You can view a list of several of these added soundtracks alongside Spotify links below, spotted by @AniPlaylist on Twitter:

The first three Wild Arms are available on PlayStation Network. They can all be purchased standalone or played automatically for PlayStation Plus Premium tier subscribers.

Gravity Rush is a series that centers around the protagonist, Kat, an endearing girl who has the ability to control gravity. The games boast inventive exploration, puzzle design, cutscene presentation, and more. They’re both currently available for PlayStation 4, though the series roots lay in the PlayStation Vita.

To commemorate the Gravity Rush franchise’s 10-year anniversary, the fansite Gravity Rush Central interviewed the director of both entries, Keiichiro Toyama, earlier this year.

Gravity Rush 2 recently received a 60 FPS patch from a fan.

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