Sonic Frontiers Seemingly Has No Wisps; Drop Dash Confirmed; Development 80% Complete

UPDATE 7/6/2022: The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu has shared new Sonic Frontiers screenshots, viewable below. Further, the game’s development progress is stated to be at 80%. Some of the screenshots are duplicates from previous press releases, but a decent chunk are new. Additionally, they are sourced from Gouhou.

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“After 5 years since Sonic Forces, a new mainline Sonic game will be available soon. We hope you look forward to it!”

IGN has concluded their exclusive month-long coverage of Sonic Frontiers with a lengthy video answering fan questions.

Cyber Space is discussed first, with the game beginning in one highly reminiscent of Green Hill as a tutorial area. The second stage was the highway area previously revealed via an official screenshot. Other Cyber Space levels include one similar to Chemical Plant and a “Sky Temple” that they aren’t entirely sure of its inspiration.

The length of these stages was reiterated to be brief, around under 2 minutes, with objectives to earn Vault Keys, leading to unlocking Chaos Emeralds. One of the previewer’s colleagues that played the demo mentioned that one of the Cyber Space levels he played was entirely 2D. The previewer seems to confirm that there are no Wisps, creatures that originated from Sonic Colors and have made their way in several titles since. They gave Sonic various movement and combat abilities.

A high point of contention, momentum, was discussed next, with nothing new being revealed. The previewer stated that he found Sonic’s control adequate and that while the speed at which he approaches rails doesn’t matter, it didn’t really affect his enjoyment.

A combo counter is a part of the gameplay system, with players being rewarded the longer they can string hits without getting damaged. Additionally, getting hit causes Sonic to drop 40 rings each time, making upgrading his maximum capacity a worthwhile benefit. At 400 rings, Sonic enters a “super blue boost” that drastically heightens his speed.

Shockingly, a Drop Dash is confirmed to be in the game, with no elaboration provided. This is a technique from Sonic Mania and Sonic Origins.

You can view the full Sonic Frontiers IGN Q&A below:

Sonic Frontiers is releasing for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC in Holiday 2022.

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