Sonic Frontiers Confirms Fishing Minigame with Big the Cat, Lightspeed Dash & Story Details

New Sonic Frontiers details have been unveiled via Game Informer’s latest feature, discussing various gameplay and story features. Eggman’s role is shared as attempting to upload an AI of his own into the Starfall Islands before another AI potentially native to the island absorbs Eggman into some sort of “protection protocol.”

After being separated from Tails and Amy, Sonic awakens in Cyber Space in an area akin to Green Hill. This stage acts as the tutorial, with a voice noting how he has “achieved the impossible” by escaping. It then asks him to collect the Chaos Emeralds and destroy the titans roaming the island. Amy is explicitly shown to be somewhere in Cyber Space. An area highly similar to Chemical Plant is also stated to be present.

Further regarding Cyber Space is that Sonic will need to find items correlating to his trapped friends to free them. Eventually, he encounters one of the aforementioned titans alongside a mysterious childlike individual, likely Sage, and she warns him not to confront the titan. Of course, Sonic being Sonic, attempts to attack it before realizing he doesn’t stand a chance without the Chaos Emeralds.

Brand new concept artwork was shared, viewable below:



Big the Cat is confirmed to be in one of the Cyber Space portals alongside a fishing minigame. Performing well in this activity provides players with currency to purchase several items. Kocos, the natives of Kronos Island, can be traded with, offering enhancements to Sonic’s stats such as strength, speed, and ring count.

The Lightspeed Dash is confirmed to be returning; used by clicking the analog stick. Named attacks include Sonic Boom, an array of projectiles, Wild Crash, a zig-zag-esque dodge, and Accel Rush, a buff that empowers Sonic when his combo meter is maxed.

Ian Flynn stated that “Kronos Island would be a great place for a Chao Garden.”

Thanks to reliable Sonic fansite Tails Channel for compiling all of this significant information.

Sonic Frontiers is releasing for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC in Holiday 2022.

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