Sonic Free Riders Made Playable Without Xbox Kinect by Fans

Sonic the Hedgehog fan Rei-san has released a significant patch for the 2010 Xbox 360 title Sonic Free Riders. For those unaware, the game required motion controls via the Xbox Kinect. However, Rei-san has managed to make the game playable with conventional controller inputs.

With this impressive patch, fans can now navigate the menu using the D-Pad, play through a fully working story mode, and use the right stick to control the cursor and set up rules.

Further, the Speed, Power, and Flight formations can be played as and switched between, and even bikes are fully controllable. And if all that weren’t enough, cooperative play is available in the Tag Team and Relay Race modes.

However, it is worth noting that playing this on an Xbox 360 still requires a connected Kinect, though there are plans to remove this requirement.

The following testers and helpers were credited:

You can view the trailer for the Sonic Free Riders No Kinect Patch below. The video’s description houses the patch’s download link and other information.

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Further, the visuals have received a notable upgrade, and Fang the Sniper from older Sonic the Hedgehog comics and video games, such as Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble, will appear as an antagonist in Sonic Superstars.

Classic Sonic the Hedgehog designer Naoto Oshima has returned with a brand new villain. Fans can also anticipate “movements, physics, and controls feel familiar and appeal to recent and legacy fans alike.” Local four-player co-op will be available throughout the entire story, too.

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