Sonic Dream Team Not Sonic Adventure Successor; Post-Launch Updates Confirmed, Development Took Just Under 2 Years

Sonic Dream Team Not Sonic Adventure Successor; Post-Launch Updates Confirmed, Development Took Just Under 2 Years

Outlet Touch Arcade recently interviewed Studio Creative Director Dan Rossati of SEGA HARDLight, discussing the upcoming Apple Arcade-exclusive 3D platformer Sonic Dream Team.

Several intriguing bits of information are revealed here. For instance, the development of Sonic Dream Team took just under two years. Additionally, Cream was included as a playable character because not only is she a fan favorite in the staff, but they felt more viable to have than Shadow and Blaze, who, at least according to Rossati, require “more existential threats” to be justified being brought in.

Rossati also denied any intention of Sonic Dream Team being a successor to Sonic Adventure. Instead, the goal was to get players “into an exhilarating flow state.” However, Sonic games have still been referenced, including the Adventure duology.

Moreover, post-launch updates have been confirmed, though not yet elucidated, and the game encourages replay value with a high skill ceiling, catering to veteran fans who want to progress as optimally as possible.

Lastly, the following exchange was shared about performance:

TA: Will there be any iPhone 15 Pro and iPad Pro 120hz support in Sonic Dream Team?

DR: Not in the initial launch, but it runs very smoothly at 60hz on the higher end devices. We do have an experimental branch with runs at 120hz but there’s still some bugs to work out to make sure the physics plays nicely at that speed. It does look amazing though, so if we get to it, we’ll try and add it in future. The team definitely wants it for sure.

You can view the full interview for additional details.

In this new 3D platformer, Dr. Eggman discovers The Reverie, which is capable of manifesting dreams as reality. Of course, the scientist intends to take over the world in this unique way, necessitating Sonic and his friends to put a stop to it all.

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Cream, and Rouge are all playable, and each fits one of three movement types that enable unique chances for exploration. Fans can also anticipate boss battles and 12 levels within four dream worlds hosting distinct gimmicks and mechanics. For example, wall-running and gravity alteration will be present across particular stages.

Fans will be able to play this title on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. Pre-registration is currently available.

There is no word on whether Sonic Dream Team will launch for non-Apple devices. We’ll keep you all updated on the eventual release of Sonic Dream Team.

 Sonic Dream Team will launch for Apple Arcade on December 5, 2023.

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