Lovecraftian Visual Novel ‘Song of Saya Remastered’ Coming to PC This Month

During JAST USA’s panel at Anime Expo 2019, the publisher announced that the horror visual novel Song of Saya Remastered is set to release sometime this month on PC-via Steam.

The title is basically a completely new game as it’s been re-made from the ground up with a new engine, along with new artwork based on the old artwork. To put it simply, this will be the definitive version of one of the craziest visual novels of our time.

For those that don’t know about this gem, let’s give you a little history lesson, shall we? Song of Saya (known in Japan as Saya no Uta) is a Lovecraftian horror visual novel by Nitroplus, and it’s filled with eroge content. It was written by the acclaimed author of Psycho-Pass, Madoka Magica, and Fate/Zero. In 2013, JAST USA released an English version of the game (this version was made possible thanks in part to a fan translation of the Japanese version.)

Players follow the story of a young medical student, Fuminori Sakisaka. After a terrible car accident kills his family and leaves him in critical condition, he awakens to see a messed up world covered in gore and people as hideous monsters.

With the current situation he’s in, he contemplates suicide, that is, until he meets Saya, a girl looking for her missing father, who, surprisingly, looks and sounds like a completely normal human. It’s from here that things get, well, interesting… very interesting.

We’ll be sure to share screenshots and a trailer of the remastered version of Song of Saya soon, so stay tuned.

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