Horror Visual Novel ‘Song of Saya Remastered’ Gets PC Release Date

JAST USA announced that the Nitroplus developed Lovecraftian visual novel Saya no Uta ~ The Song of Saya will be released on PC-via JAST USA and Steam on August 13.

The Song of Saya Remastered is the updated version of The Song of Saya and includes major technical updates that improve on the visual novel experience. Players and fans will find that the game is running on a new engine that enhances the resolution options for the game’s visuals. In order to achieve a better presentation, all of the illustrations had to be re-scanned to more than double the resolution found in the original release. The text has also been polished by the original translator of the game to give a better localization.

However, the Steam release of the game will not include some of the sexual themes found in the original release. Those who wish to play through the entire uncut remastered version can purchase the game in both digital and collector’s disc versions from JAST USA. Those that currently own the original 2013 release will receive a free update patch that will update their existing game.

The Song of Saya Remastered is a horror romance that asks the question, “How far would you go for love?” The story follows a university student who undergoes brain surgery after an accident and begins to see delusions of the world rotting. However, his light in this darkness is a mysterious girl named Saya.

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