Horror Adventure ‘Song of Horror’ Reveals Final Chapter Release Date

Raiser Games and Protocol Games announced that their survival horror adventure, Song of Horror, will launch Chapter 5 on PC-via Steam on May 14.

The final episode brings together everything players have experienced in the journey for a final conclusion. Choices that players have made and characters who have died along the way will influence the ending. To stem the gap between Episode 4 and Episode 5, the developer will be pushing out an update on Steam tomorrow that introduces “substantial changes” to the chapter.

Protocol Games studio founder Carlos Grupeli explains: “This is the closing chapter in an adventure we first set out on almost six years ago. We wanted to breathe life into a horror game we, as gamers had always wanted to play,” he adds, “All five episodes of Song of Horror are the product of that desire, and we can’t wait for those who have played the first four episodes – and indeed those new to the game, taking on all five episodes in one go – to experience just how the story ends. We also want to thank our publisher, Raiser Games, for supporting us in the decision to push back the episode’s launch to ensure its overall quality.”

Episode 5 introduces former patients of Jeremy Hartwood Psychiatric Hospital who now haunt its halls. Players then follow the characters who are still alive as they must deal with even more terrifying events.

The console release Song of Horror is coming later in 2020.

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