Song of Horror Delayed to 2021 on Playstation 4 and Xbox One

Publisher Raiser Games and Developer Protocol Games have announced that their upcoming Playstation 4 and Xbox One title, Song of Horror, has been delayed to Quarter 1 of 2021. This title was initially scheduled to release for later in October of this year, but it was ultimately decided to be delayed.

Raiser Games said on Twitter that as of now, the console versions are not up to their current standards of quality, and they are aiming to deliver the best quality experience they can.

This title is available on Steam as Song of Horror Complete Edition.

Song of Horror is a third person fixed camera, survival horror title. Sebastian P. Husher, a famous author, along with his entire family have gone missing. His editor sent an assistant to go look for him but it proves to be useless as they too end up missing. An advanced AI known as the Presence is revealed to the culprit behind these series of tragic events. It reacts to your actions and decisions, making it a truly terrifying foe. With a multitude of playable characters, players must utilize as many perspectives as they can in order to unravel the mystery behind these disappearances. With character deaths being permanent, each member of the cast has their own unique, vital takeaways for the story.

You can watch the initial launch trailer for this title on Steam below:

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