Horror Adventure ‘Song of Horror’ Reveals Chapter 4 Release Date and Details

Raiser Games and Protocol Games announced that their survival horror adventure, Song of Horror, will launch Chapter 4 on PC-via Steam January 30.

Chapter 4 is dubbed the largest in the series titled The Last Concert. Players will continue through the adventure by visiting a new area inspired by Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The chapter itself has several set pieces and will take around 8-hours to complete, which is three-times larger than the main location in the first episode.

“We’re in the final stretch, and Episode 4 ramps the tension up somewhat – just as you might expect,” offers Carlos Grupeli, founder of Protocol Games, the studio behind Song of Horror. “It’s an emotional time for the studio. After two cracks at Kickstarter and a fair few more humps in the road along the way, everything is coming together. There’s still so much more to come, too. We have the fifth and final episode coming in just a couple of months, and then PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers can take on the entire game in one run when it hits console later in the year. It’s going to be a big year. ”

Chapter 4 will allow players to explore what happened to the monks of St. Cecilia’s Abby. Depending on the character chosen, players will have a different starting position. However, “The Presence will be lurking in every playthrough. This episode also introduces a new character, Ernest Finnegan who is making up for a bad choice and trying to help the best he can.

Currently, there is a console version in development that will launch as the complete version. Each chapter takes players through a nightmarish setting inspired by some of the most popular survival horror franchises. The enemies in the game also learn and react to player’s moves, which makes things, even more, heart racing.

You can check out screenshots from the chapter below:

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