Adventure Visual Novel ‘Some Some Convenience Store’ Coming to Switch; New Trailer Streaming

CFK announced they will publish the Talesshop-developed adventure romance visual novel Some Some Convenience Store on Nintendo Switch later in 2023.

The publisher confirmed the release with a new trailer highlighting the game’s characters and story details. They also tease new content by saying, “New encounters caused by the dating application [SOME SOME], please look forward to it!”

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the development and release of Some Some Convenience.

Some Some Convenience stars a part-timer protagonist who works at a convenience store due to family circumstances. While working, he typically plays on his phone, which led him to download a dating app called “Some Some.” Well, just his luck. As soon as he logs on, three matches occur, an innocent part-time worker, a foreign trainee who wants to become a singer, and a carefree bodyguard.

During gameplay, players can choose which character they wish to romance while working. There are three routes the player can end up on. Each character has a unique personality, so hopefully, you can find best girl.

Some Some Convenience is available now on Steam and mobile devices.

There’s no word on if the Switch version will be altered, but the CGs are more moe than anything.

You can watch the new Switch teaser trailer below:

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