Sol Press Announces Physical Release for all Currently Available and Upcoming Light Novels and Manga

During Sakuracon 2019, publisher Sol Press announced plans to release physical versions of their currently available and upcoming line-up of light novels and manga, which were previously digital titles.

Titles licensed by the publisher include Battle Divas and Strongest Gamer: Let’s Play in Another World, but their physical push won’t stop there. Their upcoming titles set to release on April 26, Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for my Retirement Volume 1 and Redefining the Meta at Vrmmo Academy will also get the physical treatment. In total the publisher plans to release 50+ volumes in the physical format for their current and unannounced titles. The publisher clarified that this is 50+ volumes that are in the works and not 50+ unique titles.

As of right now, Battle Divas Volume 3 has been listed on Amazon and is planned to release digitally on May 17.

The company has not confirmed when the physical version of their line-up will be available, but they noted that they have big announcements to share in the coming weeks.

Sol Press also localizes visual novels, including My Fair Princess, which recently received an English trailer. We also reviewed their more recent visual novel release Under One Wing.

You can check out the covers of a few of their light novel and manga line-up below:

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