Sol Cresta Shares Climactic Launch Artwork Depicting Primary Cast

Developer PlatniumGames has shared launch artwork for the now released Sol Cresta. Drawn by lead UI designer Rui Onishi, this climactic illustration perfectly encapsulates the thrill accompanied by shooting myriads of space crafts in the heat of battle.

You can view the launch artwork for Sol Cresta below:


This game has received multiple delays for a variety of reasons, so it’s good to finally see it coming to fruition with a solidified release date. Here’s hoping it doesn’t get delayed yet again for one reason or the other. Personally, I am quite intrigued to see how this game turns out as this genre direction is out of left field for PlatinumGames’ usual output.

Sol Cresta gameplay features where players will be able to dock with friendly ships to unlock new powerups. Further, ships can be reconfigured during a stage to change bullet spreads, and ships can also fire in multiple directions depending on the configuration. The team has dubbed this “Free-Form docking and shooting action.”

PlatinumGames initially teased this game as a joke, but the developer has recently begun self-publishing their titles with the release of Wonderfull 101 Remastered for modern platforms.

Sol Cresta is now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam.

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