First-Person Puzzle Game ‘The Sojourn’ Announced for PS4, Xbox One, and PC With Reveal Trailer

Iceberg Interactive announced the upcoming Shifting Tides developed first-person puzzle adventure The Sojourn for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC-via Steam, coming in 2019.

In The Sojourn, players find themselves in a beautiful place that is hiding a secret. Darkness seems to be inching around every corner as it begins to form the foundation of the world. Players will need to discover the world and uncover the truth about the darkness that surrounds the land.

Gameplay has players solve various puzzles that are meant to “challenge your perception of your own reality”. The developer has created an interesting world filled their unique style of creativity.

The developer outlines the key features:

  • Dozens-upon-dozens of challenging puzzles
  • Delve into four beautifully crafted chapters, each with their own distinct style and atmosphere
  • Banish the darkness in order to reveal the obstacles The Sojourn has prepared for you
  • Unravel a captivating tale of light, darkness, and the nature of reality.

Shifting Tides is a studio made up of four developers. The Sojourn will the be the first release by the indie team.

You can check out some gameplay and story overview in the announcement trailer along with some new screenshots below:

Author’s take: Smaller indie studios have been surprising me for years and I’m always up to discover a new world with hidden secrets. Full disclosure I played The Witness for an hour and gave up. So, if the puzzles in this game are anything like that I will most likely be a fan from afar and let the more capable tell me about it later.

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