Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts Gets PS4, Xbox One, and PC Release Date in New Trailer

Developer and publisher CI Games has announced that Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts will be available worldwide on November 22 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC-via Steam.

A new trailer has also been revealed that shows gameplay along with a never-before-seen area, Black Gold. Also, CI Games has shared more details on what’s new in Contracts compared to previous titles in the series.

This title marks the return of the long-running Sniper Ghost Warrior series, offering the best-of-the-best sniping in the series that gives players more ways to take down their targets. Rather than having players snipe their way through fictional levels, Contracts instead will have five unique regions that are each based on actual locations in Siberia.

What’s completely new with Contracts is that it’ll have a new sniping mechanic, the Dynamic Reticle System, that lets players better manage the ballistics and atmospheric conditions of their shot. Because of this mechanic, players can truly get that perfect, bullseye shot they’ve been dreaming of.

Being able to snipe like a champ isn’t going to be the only new mechanic as players will also have a slew of other new tools, like pilotable Scout Drones and integrated binoculars with a built-in recon system, to their Augmented Reality Mask and special bullet types. These tools will definitely come in handy in the multiple firefights players end up in, but they also enhance the fun gameplay that the Sniper Ghost Warrior series is known for.

Players can also expect to find a new contracts system that lets players take on 25 main contracts (missions, basically) that are all tied in with the campaign narrative. Each contract will be filled with side-objectives to complete and other tasks, so there shouldn’t be a dull moment in Contracts. Putting in work will reap great rewards as funds can be earned that can be used to upgrade gear in between contracts.

Taking on contracts doesn’t have to be done solo, however, as Contracts will offer a range of multiplayer options. No specific multiplayer details have been given just yet.

But hey, at least you can check out new screenshots and the new trailer below:

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