Virtually Annihilate Everything When ‘Smash Hit Plunder’ Releases in North America

Perp Games announced that the Triangular Pixels developed VR game Smash Hit Plunder will launch physically and digitally in North America on December 14.

Smash Hit Plunder allows players to virtually throw, shake, eat, or break almost everything in the game’s world. Players will be tasked with collection enough treasure to pay off the family’s debt collector, which means they’ll have to look everywhere. Set in a medieval castle, players will assume the role of a young mage who has returned home from magic school and finds out that he is locked in by a ghost debt collector.

Smash Hit Plunder also has three different modes for players to choose from, Treasure Hunt, Scavenger Hunt, and Free Play, which can also be played with a second player using the TV and a DualShock 4 controller. There is also a versus mode where up to three players can face off against one playing as the mage.

Smash Hit Plunder will launch with French, Spanish, and English language support.

You can watch the launch trailer below:

Author’s take: I really like VR games that involve other players who use the TV as their screen. It really opens up possibilities of hide-and-seek situations or even just more intense versus moments overall. I’ll be interested to see the various modes in action in this time.

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