Slobbish Dragon Princess Love + Plus Review – Moar NEET Dragon

    Title: Slobbish Dragon Princess Love + Plus
    Developer: Whirlpool
    Release Date: June 22, 2021
    Reviewed On: PC
    Publisher: Sekai Project
    Genre: Visual Novel

Slobbish Dragon Princess might be an eroge that flew under your radar. The series doesn’t try anything too excited outside of making a dragon girl a waifu, but its approach at comedy sometimes lands. With the sequel announced for the west, the fandisc Slobbish Dragon Princess Love + Plus bridges the gap between releases, so fans don’t go to look without their neet dragon.

Slobbish Dragon Princess Love + Plus simply allows players to choose one of the three routes from the game’s opening, Haru, Suzuka, and even Dorami. It’s required that you play the base game first, and I can agree with this because there are a few unique moments of character growth here in terms of Takeru and Haru’s relationship. However, no matter which event you chose, you can expect some romantic outings with the character.

Dorami’s route is probably the main reason you’d want this because she wasn’t romanceable in the main game. In this release, her personality goes largely unchanged, but she devises a plan to get to Haru through Takeru, and I’m sure you know how that ends up. Haru and Suzuka’s routes carry a little more weight to them, given that the extra story content allows them to build on their already established personalities.

For example, Haru shows more depth in her character as she gets jealous and almost pouty but knows how to read a room and not let her emotions show too much. She’s also given a bit of independence away from Takeru and finds out she can have fun without him. Still, she gets her way sooner or later, but it was nice to see a different side of her besides being an air-headed dragon girl.

Slobbish Dragon Princess Love Plus 2

The themes of being a NEET are still ingrained in Takeru’s character, but even he sees some subtle shifts in tone. The people he surrounds himself with are actually good friends who aren’t afraid to tell him when he’s messing up. Scenes play out similarly through each route where his talking gets him into trouble, but then he realizes he took it too far and dials it back.

Moments after you read Slobbish Dragon Princess Love + Plus, you’ll probably forget it. It leaves no lasting impression but does its best to stay relevant at the moment. It’s an extremely short fandisc as well, keeping the pacing up to establish some type of plot to resolve within a few hours. If you enjoyed the character ramblings from the base game, that’s all her with what seems to be a little more thought poured into the general pacing as not to waste the reader’s time.

Slobbish Dragon Princess Love Plus 3

It’s evident that there’s one significant reason someone would even want to read this visual novel, the h-scenes. Surprisingly, the offerings are slim, with each scenario only providing one romance encounter. This makes Dorami’s scene the cherry on top, but the scenario is also used to establish her character a little more for the sequel, I’m assuming.

The CG is light, with most focusing on the h-content, but there are cute chibi CGs that sell the comedic tone of the story.  The environments aren’t all that special, and I can’t seem to remember the music even if I try. For the asking price of $5, Slobbish Dragon Princess Love + Plus does put a lot of effort into its overall quality. The voice-over is great, which only sells the comedic aspect of the dialogue.

Slobbish Dragon Princess Love Plus 1

Slobbish Dragon Princess Love + Plus won’t change your mind about the series one way or the other, but it does well at providing quick and cute outings with these characters. It also establishes a nice support system for Takeru as his friends become closer and more understanding of their unique situation. It’s low-impact for sure, but if you couldn’t get enough of this slobbish dragon, well, here you go.

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