Comedic Visual Novel ‘Slobbish Dragon Princess’ Launches on PC in the West

Comedic Visual Novel ‘Slobbish Dragon Princess’ Launches on PC in the West

Sekai Project has launched the Whirlpool-developed comedic visual novel Slobbish Dragon Princess on PC-via Steam.

Slobbish Dragon Princess tells the story of a NEET protagonist who lives in an old dojo. He and his family are known for their martial artists, but his father is also a known deadbeat who is a drunkard that continually gets in fights. Ichinose Suzuka, who owns a sweets shop, decides to take care of the NEET.

One day, he ends up picking up a strange lizard-like being on the side of the road with plans to cook it. However, Suzuka turns his idea down and names it Haru to keep as a pet. During this time, dragonkin invades the earth from space. Yea, things move fast here.

As the dragons attempt to take over the earth, Haru suddenly transforms into a beautiful girl and stops them. It just so happens that she’s the princess of the dragons.

Now, Haru finds herself joining the NEET and learn more about his lifestyle. Still, dragons can be found around town, and everyone seems to be on edge.

This game is from the same team you put out, the Neko-nin exHeart series. In case you missed it, check out our review of the latest entry, Neko-nin exHeart 3.

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