Horror Adventure ‘Slay the Princess’ Gets October Release Date in New Trailer

Black Tabby Games announced that their horror RPG visual novel, Slay the Princess, will launch on PC via Steam on October 20, 2023.

The developer has also shared that the game will be fully-voiced. “The more I tell you about her, the more difficult your task is going to be. The Princess poses an existential threat to the entire world, and she will do and say whatever it takes to get out of that cabin. So focus up, stop asking so many questions, and slay her before it’s too late.”

Slay the Princess is described as a “cheeky horror tragicomedy” where players encounter a princess who has been imprisoned in a cabin deep in the woods. However, the player is simply tasked with ending the princess’ life because she is fated to bring an end to the world. However, players must decide for themselves who to trust since the memories of the characters are a little hazy.

Slay the Princess has players choose how to proceed through the story, but the developer informs the player that they will die a lot. Reacting to new information will change the outcome of the story, which has many endings depending on the choices. The choices can also change the princess, causing her to change into a demon or a normal princess.

The death ends don’t mean that players have to restart the game. Players can use the time loop feature to make a different choice. There are ten different endings, and the game is fully voiced in English.

You can watch the new trailer below:

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