Slave Princess Sarah May Not Win You Over With its Name, but Its Retro Action Might

Eroge Japan is preparing to launch the StudioS doujin action-adventure Slave Princess Sarah on PC-via Steam on December 11.

Slave Princess Sarah mimics 8-bit adventures with some updated systems where players can explore the kingdom of Estasia after a demonic army attacks. You assume the role of Princess Sarah, as the name suggests, after she and her sister were sold into slavery. To regain their freedom, she’ll need to find a way to make money to buy it back.

This brings Sarah to taking on quests where she’ll level up and traverse through several different environments. However, you might not notice it right away because it features a green filter as if it’s developed for the Game Boy. The direction certainly allows it to stand out, but the game has an interesting flow to the action. As seen in the most recent trailer, players can switch weapons, use magic, and fight against various enemies who have unique attack patterns.

I should note, and you probably already guessed it, but there is an adult version of the game. We aren’t sure if this will be available via a patch, but we just that you should know in case you’re dying to see some h-content with a green hue.

Anyway, I just thought you should know about it. You can watch the trailer below:

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