Skyhill Brings Some One of a Kind Gameplay to Consoles

Daedalic Entertainment and Mandragora will be debuting Skyhill to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this month on October 24.

Trapped inside Skyhill Hotel due to the devastation caused by World War 3 and bio-weapons, Players assume the role of Perry as he tries to escape by scavenging and fighting mutants to get to the bottom of a 100-floor penthouse.

Developer Mandragora calls Skyhill the “only game of its kind,” citing it gets its individuality from its design, artwork and gaming concept. They also describe the game as a blend of Point & Click, RPG, and Survival genres

The game involves player discovering the stage one room at a time as entering rooms revealing what’s behind every door. Chances are that players find food or crafting items to forge weapons or replenish health. Though it appears to be just as easy to face a powerful mutant that will kill you and making the player start over.

Skyhill has already won awards for “Best Indie Game” and “Best Desktop Game” at Dev Gamm Minsk 2015 as well as “Best Indie Narrative” at IndiePrize Casual Connect Tel-Aviv 2015

Skyhill will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, for the price of $19.99.

Check out the gallery and console debut trailer below:

Author’s Take: I like that this game as the gull to say that it’s the only game of its kind. Maybe it’s meant to attract gamers to at least try it out. I can say it’s kinda working on me. 

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