Skies of Arcadia Inspired ‘Sky Oceans: Wings For Hire’ Revealed in New Trailer for PS5, Series X, Switch, and PC Release

PQube announced they will publish the Octeto Studio-developed JRPG homage adventure Sky Oceans: Wings For Hire on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

I release window was not revealed, but the developer shares some details about the game. Players will experience a world that takes place after the surface of the planet suffered a cataclysmic event, which caused large portions of land to be flung into the sky. Humanity has adapted and moved their way of life to the skies, where groups formed. This is where we meet Glenn Windwalker, an explorer who finds himself in the adventure of a lifetime.

During gameplay, players can travel on foot around various environments. NPCs will be present for players to take on side quests and search for treasure. Further, players can create their own crew of Sky Pirates. Each member has their own background and brings specific strengths to the group. Players are responsible for keeping them happy for bonuses in battles. Further, the characters in the party do affect the story.

Combat features strategy systems where players can upgrade their arsenal and take to the skies to fight it out.

We’ll keep you updated n the development and release of Sky Oceans: Wings For Hire.

You can watch the reveal trailer below:

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