Skies of Arcadia Developer Wants to Develop a Sequel

There are a handful of games that are spoken about across each console generation. In the RPG genre that is mostly dominated by Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, a title by the name of Skies of Arcadia managed to leave a lasting effect on gamers to this day. However, the title was released on Dreamcast in 2000 with a Gamecube port in 2003, and publisher Sega has been quiet on the license ever since.

Now that we are in the game’s 20th anniversary, a developer on the project, Kenji Hiruta, has spoken out that he’d like to revive the series. In a Twitter reply, the developer responds to a user saying that fans should ask for a Skies of Arcadia sequel to which the developer responds, “Strongly. I really really want to develop the sequel.”

Hiruta-san has been credited as working on systems for Skies of Arcadia and has also worked on the Dynasty Warriors series.

While this doesn’t mean too much in terms of giving the project the green light, it may be what Sega needs to take a look at the series and see if it could turn a profit for them. I know we’d love to the series be given another shot.

Development on the game was worked on by Overworks. A now-defunct Sega owned studio known for Sakura Wars, Shinobi, and Skies of Arcadia, amongst other titles.

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