Skating Sim ‘Session’ Gets a Hefty Content Update

creā-ture Studios has released a large patch for their skateboarding simulation game, Session, on PC that will include enhancements and content.

creā-ture will also be partnering with iLLOGIKA to co-develop the Xbox One version launching on Xbox Game Preview this spring.

The new update features improved physics, skater animations, and responsive controls for a better gaming experience. A press release also highlights more content that players can check out:

  • The ability to remotely connect and play games of S.K.A.T.E against other players online via Steam Remote Play Together.
  • A new trick-and-control system that makes it easier than ever to pick up and play.
  • Slides and grinds are now smoother and players can more easily transition from one grind/slide to another without having to “pop” into the next one.
  • The return of the original creā-ture park with new obstacles and spots representative of the NYC skate scene.
  • Brand-new radio stations featuring over 30 new songs and artists.
  • A new level layout feature that allows players to pick and choose between an exact, real-life replica of the Brooklyn Banks or more customized versions of the iconic skate spot.
  • General game enhancements like a tweaked revert system that caters to preference so players can easily lock into grinds and avoid bailing.

More, unspecified features are promised as well.

If you haven’t tried the game out yet and are attending PAX East, attendees can check out the game in the Indie Mega Booth.

If you don’t know creā-ture Studios, they are a Montreal based developer with a mission statement to produce high-quality original games in niche markets. Session will be their first full release.

The update is currently available to play on Steam Early Access for $14.99, with a full release coming February 26. Check out the update video featuring Creature Park. as well as the screenshots below.

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