Musical Space Odyssey ‘Sixtar Gate: Startrail’ Gets Early Access DLC

CFK is celebrating the year anniversary of the Lyrebird Studio and Magical Works-developed rhythm adventure game Sixtar Gate: Startrail launching on Steam Early Access.

The publisher is celebrating with a sale on the base game. Further, veteran players can pick up new DLC titled Luminous & Darkness. This DLC contains includes a total of nine songs, including the 8 winners of the SIXTAR PLANET music contest and a new original theme.

Luminous & Darkness DLC track list (8 new tracks in total):

  • Lustroustravel / Artist: D-D-Dice (打打だいず)+seatrus
  • Síoraí / Artist: KθZyo
  • Mango Bingsu / Artist: Palami
  • 銀世界にひとり(Alone in the Silver World) / Artist: Virtual Noiz (後藤) feat. nayuta
  • Alone in Starlight / Artist: Palami
  • În amour / Artist: ZxNX
  • Star rider / Artist: Essbee
  • StellaR-MemoriA / Artist: Raphiiel

Sixtar Gate: Startrail features space travel and musical-based storytelling coupled with charming artwork to give the rhythm gameplay more of an inherent, distinct identity. Players become the captain of a space vessel and, with their endearing navigation partner, Shii, aim to explore the Sixtar System. As players explore numerous colonized planets, the secretive stories buried within these areas’ pasts come to light with the power of music.

Main Producer Lyrebird Ferdinant has worked on the rhythm titles Pump It Up and OverRapid. The Sound Director, Sound Souler, is a talented composer who has created melodic, dream-like songs in various musical experiences.

The team is also bringing the game to Nintendo Switch.

You can download the trailer below:

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