Six New Fighters Are Entering the Fight in ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’; Jiren and Videl Set to Join This Week

Even more characters will be smashing, bashing, and ki blasting in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Publisher Bandai Namco has revealed that six new characters will be entering the fight in Arc System’s beloved fighting game, Dragon Ball FighterZ, thanks to the latest DLC pass, FighterZ Pass 2. We happened to have liked the game on Switch quite a bit, so all of us at Noisy Pixel are excited to share four of the already confirmed DBFZ characters that are on the way.  

Two new fighters will already be available this week. There’s the pride trooper Jiren and then there’s Gohan’s kick-ass wife Videl. Both of these characters will be making their debut this Thursday, January 31. The Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie version of Broly and the fusion-dance-fused Goku and Vegeta, Gogeta in Super Saiyan Blue form (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan for folks who watch the dubbed version of Dragon Ball Super) will be joining Jiren and Videl soon. A specific release date for Gogeta (Super Saiyan Blue) and Broly (DBS) has not been given.

In the trailer, it looks like Videl in DBFZ will be able to get help from her crime-fighting partner The Great Saiyaman (aka Gohan). As a huge Gohan and Great Saiyaman fanboy, I can’t wait to unleash massive combos with Satan City’s greatest crime-fighting duo.

As of now, the last two characters in the latest DBFZ fighter pass have yet to be announced. Via a press release, Bandai Namco confirmed the FighterZ Pass 2 will cost $25. Similar to before, each new DLC character can be purchased individually for $5. The first FighterZ Pass cost 10 more dollars ($35), but it added eight characters: Broly (DBZ version), Bardock, Vegito, Fused Zamasu, base Goku and Vegeta, Cooler, and Android 17.

See which new character(s) you want to include your DBFZ team by watching the FighterZ Pass 2 Announcement Trailer below:

Author’s take: I love all of the new characters that are coming to DBFZ! DBS Broly is epic, Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta is wickedly cool, Videl is rad, and even though I didn’t like him at first, Jiren is pretty awesome. 

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