Classic Survival Horror Game ‘Siren’ Original Remastered Soundtrack Launching Digitally This Week

Sony Japan has announced that a remastered version of the original Siren game’s soundtrack will launch digitally this week on August 3, 2023. This surprising news is to commemorate the title’s  20th anniversary.

Fans can look forward to streaming the 30 songs on Apple Music and Spotify. Alternatively, it will be purchasable on the iTunes store, Amazon Music, Mora, and recochoku and services. Further, PlayStation Blog Japan has the exact list of the 30 songs to be included.

For all of the links the Siren remastered soundtrack will be available on, check out its NexTone hub.

Siren is a beloved classic survival horror stealth game initially launched for PlayStation 2 in 2003 by developer Japan Studio and publisher Sony Computer Entertainment. The title had players shift perspectives out of chronological order, following ten survivors of a certain supernatural disaster. It had a pretty wild plot that, at the time, I’m sure looked somewhat revolutionary.

There was a slew of PlayStation 2 horror games that have become far more beloved and popular in hindsight, and Siren is definitely one of them. Seeing Sony Japan acknowledge this title at all is rather surprising, but we’re sure not complaining.

Siren also received a remake, a sequel, and multiple manga adaptations.

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