Silt Preview – Something’s Amiss in the Abyss

Silt Preview – Something’s Amiss in the Abyss

Let’s ‘dive’ right in, shall we? You wake up in an underwater abyss, alone and confused. Chained to the deep seafloor, you must find your way out. But how could you possibly remove yourself from the clutches of the chain? It’s actually relatively easy as you have the power of possession. Silt is a puzzle-adventure game set in the deep bowels of this strange and perplexing ocean. You play as a diver who can possess nearby sea creatures to help you navigate this eerie and mystifying terrain.

What works so beautifully about underwater settings is the knowledge that there is no certainty about what lies beyond. The fear of the unknown keeps you alert and on edge. The dark, grayscale environment complements this pervasive uneasiness. Though stylistically gorgeous, your surroundings feel empty and ominous. The monochromatic backdrop is a unique way to represent the underwater world. Yet, it does wonders when working in tandem with the lighting, giving you the right amount of illumination to view the haunting seascape.


Based on imagery and atmosphere, it’s not surprising that Silt is likely to be compared to other gloomy puzzle-adventure games, such as Limbo and Inside. With no dialogue, you’re relying on the subtle noises of the underwater world to become your primary source of sound. The rumblings of the creatures and the movement within the water provide a chilling ambiance.

While wandering through the deep sea, you come upon plenty of obstacles in your path. Some are easier to overcome than others. In order to bypass one area and move onto the next, you must use your possession powers and have the creatures’ abilities work in your favor. Something as simple as cutting through a wire requires their assistance, so be prepared to use your power often. Though the objectives can be simple in nature, you must be wary as the creatures can also attack you, ending your life. Luckily, Silt is reasonably forgiving as you respawn at the beginning of the same area you die in.


However, there aren’t just simple sea creatures lurking around. At some point, you’ll come upon colossal goliaths, meaning you have to be extraordinarily careful in your approach. This premise really makes you wonder as to what even happened. Where could you possibly be located, and what are you hoping to find? Why were you chained to the abyss in the first place? The mysteries that lay beneath the waters of Silt are promising, and I eagerly await the opportunity to delve deeper into the abyss.

Silt is set to release later this year on Steam. Feel free to wishlist and demo the game here.

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