Action RPG ‘Silent Hope’ Introduces Main Characters’ Backstories, Likes, Dislikes, Birthdays, Families, Hobbies & Voice Actors

Marvelous and XSEED Games have unveiled a plethora of character details for their upcoming action RPG Silent Hope. All seven playable characters and the princess have received extensive profiles detailing their backstories, likes, dislikes, hobbies, skills, birthdays, voice actors, advanced Classes, and more.

We have compiled every profile here for convenience.

It’s worth noting that all of the comments pertaining to the characters are written from the perspective of the princess herself, even in her own profile.

You can view the detailed character profiles for Silent Hope below:

Wanderer – Adventurous Jack of All Trades

Birthday – October 22

  • English Voice Actor – Brandon McInnis
  • Japanese Voice Actor – Nobunaga Shimazaki
  • Advanced Classes are Adventurer & Drifter



After turning 17, life began to feel a bit empty. He realized that he had no real dreams of his own to chase. Everyone seemed to have a calling. Except for him.

Even as a kid, he didn’t stand out. However, he always learned fast, watching and imitating the experts as they worked. While he was decent at any trade he tried, he was never exceptional—a frustrating reality, for he wanted to find something he could devote himself to heart and soul.

Finally, he decided to embark on a journey around the world to find his own path. The more he met people during his travels, the more he wanted to talk to them. “If only I could ask how they chose their jobs!” he thought. But in a world without words, all he could do was wonder. Still, he needed to know…

As if guided by a divine hand, the Wanderer eventually found himself standing before the Great Crystal.

Notes from the Princess

Personal Comments

He’s just so friendly and considerate—truly the heart of the party! And most remarkable of all, he’s willing to try any job. Whenever he thinks about his future, he struggles to narrow down his interests to a single thing..

I fear he considers himself an eternal “jack of all trades, master of none.” But I’m certain that he could succeed at anything!


In terms of food…he loves omelet rice! Can’t say I blame him! That fluffy texture, the way it melts in your mouth… I could never eat enough! Beyond that, he seems to take comfort in watching and learning from others. That must be how he forms such strong bonds with people.


He’s not very fond of tomato juice. Maybe that’s why I hardly ever see anyone make it around here! He also constantly compares his work to others’. Perhaps in those moments he’s thinking about his future… At times he seems to feel somewhat…out of place.

Hobbies & Skills

He excels at replicating other people’s work just by watching them! When someone is off adventuring in the Abyss, they know he’ll pick up the slack. He’s such a big help!


It seems he once lived with his father, older sister, and older brother. I suppose that means he was the baby of the family!

Warrior – Berserker Who Bashes Baddies

Birthday – January 19

  • English Voice Actor – Allegra Clark
  • Japanese Voice Actor – Mutsumi Tamura
  • Advanced Classes are Paladin & Berserker



As a child, she admired anything that could be described as awesome or impressive, however impractical—a love she inherited from her three older brothers.

And nothing made her eyes sparkle more than the huge swords hanging in her family’s weapon shop. She dreamed of forging the coolest sword in the world for herself one day.

She took her first step toward becoming a blacksmith by apprenticing at the village forge. Unfortunately, the owner refused to train her, filling her days with chores instead.

Years went by, and he still wouldn’t teach her anything

“He probably thinks a woman couldn’t handle it. I’ll show him. I can do anything a man can do!”

But in a world without words, she could never truly stand up for herself. Before long, she grew tired of waiting and set off on her own journey.

As if guided by a divine hand, the Warrior eventually found herself standing before the Great Crystal.

Notes from the Princess

Personal Comments

She’s brimming with confidence and so very passionate! Considering how little training she received, her smithing skills are truly exceptional. I cannot imagine how hard she must have worked to gain them.

I really admire her dedication to her craft!


Weapons, weapons, and more weapons! She seems particularly fond of “cool” greatswords. When it comes to food, she absolutely adores ice cream. I imagine that after working by a hot forge all day, a cold treat really hits the spot!


She’s not a big fan of peppers. To be honest, neither am I…

Hobbies & Skills

She seems happiest when dreaming up new weapon designs. She’s especially adept at creating powerful, awe-inspiring swords!


I’ve learned she has a father, mother, and three older brothers! Her family also owned a weapon shop. I suppose it’s only natural that she’d develop such a strong interest in them!


Rogue – Fleet-Footed Bladedancer

Birthday – July 19

  • English Voice Actor – Laura Post
  • Japanese Voice Actor – Yoshiko Sakakibara
  • Advanced Classes are Trickster & Ninja



Spent her childhood in an orphanage. Knowing she needed a job to survive, she eventually found employment as a maid.

She first worked in a mansion, home to a seemingly happy family. Given her unpleasant memories of her own family, serving them was a bittersweet experience.

One day, she came across her employer abusing their only son. Was this family’s happiness nothing but a lie? Unable to control her anger, she lashed out at her employer in a rage.

After that, she never worked in one place for long. That wasn’t the first time she’d witnessed such cruelty, and it wouldn’t be the last.

“How can people abuse one another like this?” she began to wonder. “I’d love to ask what’s going through their thick skulls when they pick on those weaker than them.” But in a world without words, her grievances went unheard.

As if guided by a divine hand, the Rogue eventually found herself standing before the Great Crystal.

Notes from the Princess

Personal Comments

Her housekeeping skills leave nothing to be desired! And her fighting style is as beautiful as it is deadly—thank goodness we’re friends, not foes! Even the most difficult of tasks seem trivial to her. She’s so inspiring!


She always enjoys a good cup of tea. Ahh, tea time… How elegant!


She doesn’t seem very fond of rice balls. Perhaps she dislikes food that’s been handled by other people…? Which means you’d have to avoid directly touching the rice when making one for her!

Hobbies & Skills

Cleaning and craftwork are both second nature to her!


Apparently, she grew up in an orphanage.


Archer – Deadly Sharpshooter

Birthday – February 2

  • English Voice Actor – Zeno Robinson
  • Japanese Voice Actor – Akira Ishida
  • Advanced Classes are Bomber & Sharpshooter



Lived with his family in a quiet home near a jungle. One day, a terrible storm caused a landslide, which reduced his house to rubble. He returned from picking mushrooms to find himself the sole survivor.

After that, he learned to survive on his own. However, he was never truly alone, for he befriended many animals living in the jungle.

Sometime later, the jungle was engulfed in a raging fire. He led as many animals as he could to safety, then charged into the blaze to search for more survivors. There, amid the flames, he discovered the source of the fire.

“Why would anyone do this?” he thought as he stared down the cruel arsonists. “If only I could say something. What kind of monster would want to harm innocent lives?”

But in a world without words, he could only silently flee the flames.

As if guided by a divine hand, the Archer eventually found himself standing before the Great Crystal.

Notes from the Princess

Personal Comments

It seems that he lost his family when he was very young, which forced him to learn how to survive all on his own. He spends most of his free time napping. While he appears to be a bit of a loner…I can tell that he’s actually very friendly! Just look at how he treats his animals for proof of that.


He simply adores animals! As for food…I think he likes rice balls.


While he doesn’t seem to dislike anything, he struggles a bit with utensils like forks and spoons. I think he’s very self-conscious about it.

Hobbies & Skills

He’s a skilled craftsman, often fashioning his own traps and bombs. I’m sure these skills come in handy when fighting monsters!


He treats animals like they’re his own family! The way he talks to the cows and chickens is just so cute. ♪


Farmer – Reaper of Fields and Foes

Birthday – March 14

  • English Voice Actor – Megan Taylor Harvey
  • Japanese Voice Actor – Misaki Kuno
  • Advanced Classes are Ranger & Geomancer



Born in a rural community of mostly elderly farmers. With so few kids around, her older neighbors spoiled her as if she were their own child. Of course, her grandparents treasured her most of all.

One day, an old neighbor passed away. For the first time, she knew true grief and loss.

She realized then that someday soon she would have to bid a final farewell to her own loved ones. “Before that day comes,” she thought, “I want you all to know just how much I care!”

But in a world without words, she had no way to express those feelings.

Then, she had an idea. She would set off on a journey to collect the world’s most delicious sweets as a gift for her beloved grandparents.

As if guided by a divine hand, the Farmer eventually found herself standing before the Great Crystal.

Notes from the Princess

Personal Comments

Isn’t she just adorable?! Her smile never fails to cheer me up!


Naturally, she loves all things cute. As for favorite foods, she’s partial to parfaits!


She seems to dislike milk. If she drank more, maybe she’d grow a bit taller… Ah, please pretend you didn’t hear that!

Hobbies & Skills

She has a unique talent for making people smile. Hee hee, I’d expect nothing less from her!


She once lived with her parents and grandparents. There, they grew crops in a field much larger than the one we have here!


Fighter – Smacks Down Enemies with Style

Birthday – August 25

  • English Voice Actor – Erica Lindbeck
  • Japanese Voice Actor – Kotono Mitsuishi
  • Advanced Classes are Battle Master & Destroyer



Born to a rich family of great repute. As the eldest daughter, she embraced this prestige and wore it like a badge of honor.

Yet beneath this calm facade was a young woman with a very short fuse. She took great care to prevent that anger from taking control.

And she succeeded, until the incident. At a gala, one of the guests spilled their drink over her dear friend on purpose. After witnessing this shameful display, she cooly tried to correct their behavior.

But this proved near impossible in a world without words. Soon she grew impatient with the guest’s dismissiveness and surrendered to her temper. When she returned to her senses and saw the fresh red handprint across the guest’s cheek, she ran away, ashamed of letting her rage get the best of her.

As if guided by a divine hand, the Fighter eventually found herself standing before the Great Crystal.

Notes from the Princess

Personal Comments

As the only daughter of an important family, she boasts impeccable manners and enjoyed an extensive education! However, I would avoid provoking her. You don’t want to see her angry. Still, even when in a rage, she manages to act quite charming, if I do say so myself!


She loooooves milk! I agree that few things are as refreshing as a nice, tall glass of fresh milk!


Eggplants are no friend of hers. Grilled eggplant especially irks her… Perhaps it’s the texture?

Hobbies & Skills

She’s truly a culinary wizard! Apparently, she’s studied cooking since childhood. As someone who has always struggled in the kitchen…how I admire her!


She lived with her mother and father. She speaks of her father in particular with great love and respect. It seems we’re both very similar in that regard! ♪


Caster – Spell-Slinging Sorcerer

Birthday – September 16

  • English Voice Actor – Bill Butts
  • Japanese Voice Actor – Takahiro Fujimoto
  • Advanced Classes are Sage & Summoner



Grew up alongside many brothers and sisters. Since they weren’t very wealthy, everyone had to work to make ends meet. He hated watching his siblings suffer, and so decided to learn the art of alchemy to make a living.

After a mere three years, his intellect and abilities surpassed even that of the world’s most renowned alchemists.

So great was his skill that he soon amassed a sizeable following of admiring apprentices. But in a world without words, none of them could quite keep up with his genius.

While he tried his best to communicate through simple vocalizations and invented scripts, these would mysteriously vanish as soon as they manifested.

“How can I pass on my knowledge without words?” he thought. “There must be some way to break this spell constraining our speech…” Determined to find an answer, he set off on a journey, his carefree smile masking confident conviction.

As if guided by a divine hand, the Caster eventually found himself standing before the Great Crystal.

Notes from the Princess

Personal Comments

He’s an incredibly talented alchemist! I’ve watched him concoct one wonder after another without a single screw-up.

Before he joined us, I think he’d cut corners or make subtle mistakes on purpose to discourage requests to teach others. I can certainly see how trying to share one’s knowledge without any words might prove frustrating…


He’s curious about anything and everything. As for food, he loves fruit sandwiches. They’re a quick, convenient way to satisfy his sugar intake while leaving one hand free for work!


He doesn’t seem very fond of pickled things… But my kingdom’s turnips taste so sweet and delicious! I’m sure he’d enjoy one of our pickled turnips if he only gave them a chance!

Hobbies & Skills

He knows how to play the lute! I’ve had the pleasure of hearing him perform many times around our little Base Camp.


There’s his father, mother…seven younger brothers, and five younger sisters…! Such a big family! Those kids must get up to so much mischief. ♪



Birthday – December 31

  • English Voice Actor – Dani Chambers
  • Japanese Voice Actor – Kana Hanazawa



Once upon a time, there was a small, peaceful kingdom. Its King committed a terrible crime by stealing all the world’s words. He then abandoned his subjects, hurling himself into the seemingly bottomless depths of the Abyss.

His only daughter, the Princess, mourned her father with an endless flood of tears. She cried and cried for 100 years straight, until her tears had encased her in a beautiful crystal teardrop.

Many moons passed…

The people’s memories of the Abyss, the old kingdom, and the Princess grew dim. Then one day, seven rainbow-colored lights flew from the mouth of the Abyss.

Recalling a story her father once told her about shooting stars granting wishes, she prayed to these miraculous lights. “Please… Let my voice reach someone. Anyone. Bring me heroes to brave the Abyss and find the King!”

As if answering her prayers, seven travelers then arrived one by one at the Great Crystal by the edge of the Abyss.

There, they miraculously heard a voice—the Princess’s voice, as she began to call out to them.

Notes from the Princess

Personal Comments

To think that seven heroes would appear in answer to my prayers. I’m beside myself with joy! Perhaps miracles really do happen after all! I am sure we will face many dangers in the Abyss…

But with our combined strength, no obstacle is too great to overcome! My seven champions… Let us brave the Abyss together!


Pizza, for sure! The rich tomato sauce paired with melty cheese… Ahh, just thinking about it makes me hungry! Also, my favorite season is winter! Nothing is more exciting than stepping out into the first snowfall!


I must admit…I’m not the best cook. No matter what I try to make, it all ends up as a charred blob of mush… If I had the skill, I’d bake pizza every day until my stomach was full to bursting! How I envy the culinary capabilities of my father and the Fighter…

Hobbies & Skills

Well…I do have one slightly embarrassing hobby. Back when I lived in the castle, I enjoyed sneaking a snack or two from the kitchen. For some reason, food eaten in secret tastes better than it does when served as a meal!


It’s just my father and me! Unfortunately, my mother passed away not long after giving birth to me.

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You can view the official Silent Hope World Guide for additional details.

Silent Hope has players exploring an Abyss that features ever-changing dungeons where players will control seven heroes, each with their own abilities and fighting styles. Return home with your treasures and create new and better equipment to dive deeper on your next run, and level up your heroes to earn new abilities and unlock new classes to tackle the challenging bosses lurking in the depths.

All digital pre-orders made up to within the first week of launch will grant players the “Wanderer’s Special Weapon & Voidstone Set” DLC, comprised of a weapon for the Wanderer. The DLC will be free via the Switch eShop and included with purchases on Steam for one week after launch, which will cost $0.99 afterward.

Silent Hope will be released on October 3, 2023, for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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