Silent Hill: Ascension Details Choice System & Monster Inspirations in New Video

Earlier today, Genvid Entertainment released a video giving fans an inside look at their new interactive series Silent Hill: Ascension detailing how it will work and discussing different inspirations for monster, music, and character design.

Each episode will go live, and viewers will be able to tune in either live or later, making choices alongside each other. These choices will impact the series, and once made, viewers cannot undo their decisions; these will be set in stone for all viewers moving forward.

This means that viewers that join in on the series later will not make any choices as they catch up with others; however, understanding that not everyone can watch live, choices will be live for up to a week—allowing those who need to do something else to catch up within that time frame and still interact with the narrative.

Looking towards the original games for inspiration, many monster designs will be based on the characters’ trauma. Each character will focus on their past sins and understand their past choices as viewers choose whether to save each character or push them further off the edge. So, the psychology of each character will play just as big of a role as any individual creature.

You can view the latest Silent Hill: Ascension video below:

Silent Hill: Ascension is an interactive series where viewers will come together to make choices and survive or die together in the town of Silent Hill. Each viewer will be making the same choices at the same time, and once they have been made cannot be undone and will be set in stone for all viewers going forward, making this an innovation in how players will be able to interact with media.

Silent Hill: Ascension will go live later this year; there is no word yet on where viewers can watch the series.

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