Acquire-Developed Side-Scrolling Action Game ‘Amedama’ Gets Demo on Steam Next Fest

IzanagiGames announced that the Acquire-develop side-scrolling action game Amedama will be participating in Steam Next Fest.

The publisher announced that eager players can jump in now to experience the action game ahead of its official release. However, there isn’t a release date available at this time. The demo will be available from October 9 through October 16.

Amedama is described as a side-scrolling, soul-shifting sandbox action-adventure game. Yes, that’s a mouthful, but after getting a look at the gameplay, I can see where they’re coming from. The gameplay touches on historical Japanese folklore using a pixel-art design.

The game follows Yushin and his sister Yui, who run an umbrella shop. One night, a group of men bust in and kill Yushin. As a spirit, Yushi must now possess various bodies as he searches for a way to save his sister. However, he only has seven days before his soul fades, which means you’ll be playing multiple times to figure out the best path forward.

The game’s presentation is displayed in a 2D art style. There are various themed stages featuring multiple enemy types. Possession puts you in complete control of whoever and whatever you inhabit, giving you access to a variety of weapons and fighting styles. Depending on your current body, you’ll face different foes and encounter new faces on your incorporeal journey.

Amedama is coming PC via Steam in 2023.

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