Shy Vol. 2 Review – Overcoming Even More Obstacles

    Title: Shy Vol. 2
    Author: Bukimi Miki
    Release Date: March 21, 2023
    Publisher: Yen Press

Shy is steadily making its way to becoming my favorite manga of this year. With the release of Shy Vol. 2, we get a much-needed dose of character growth, new characters, and a preview of what challenge lies ahead of our cast.

Shy Vol. 2 1

Shy Vol. 2 begins right where the first left off, as Shy has her Hero Spirit on the line as she faces off against Stardust. This battle is important to her hero training as it shows her what kind of power she has inside. Now, accessing that power is a different story, but her approach to this is done in only a way that Teru can.

What’s great about this volume is how chapters that you may assume are fillers become significant moments in Shy’s growth. There’s a moment where she has to dress as an idol but then connects with a fan, even though their first interaction was a bit aggressive.

Shy Vol. 2 2

Shy Vol. 2 doesn’t waste too much time on Shy doubting herself, but we do get to see what drives her to persevere. She uses this throughout each chapter, and it ties wonderfully into the subplots. The character writing is brilliant as we meet a new hero with the power to heal. Again, what you think may just be filler is actually a breakthrough in Shy’s overall character growth.

Further, the final chapter is full of action and a glimpse at Stigma’s growing power. The way the fights are choreographed through each panel adds weight to each attack and moment. The foe they face is terrifying as my eyes were glued to the pages. This was a chapter that I had to re-read so I didn’t miss anything, and it was just as grand the second time.

Shy Vol. 2 3

Mangaka Bukimi Miki blows us away with this volume. Teru gets a few different costume changes, each depicting her as adorable and powerful. Further, the supporting cast receives a significant spotlight as we learn more about a few of their backstories and the trials that they’ve had to face growing up. Shy brings a different perspective to the group of heroes that I don’t think they’ve had in the group before. She is finding her place in the group but definitely stands out like a sore thumb still.

Further, there are some great facial illustrations as Shy is constantly making these overly exaggerated expressions. There are also a few comical moments, especially when Shy makes a comment about someone’s appearance. I just feel like there’s no end to her awkwardness, which makes her easily relatable.

Shy Vol. 2 4

Shy Vol. 2 is an excellent continuation of this series. There’s some amazing pacing found in each chapter as we get to see some real character growth in our hero, Shy, and get some insight into the other heroes. There’s a serious battle on the horizon, which may require her training to speed up a bit, but I’m looking forward to seeing how she takes on these upcoming obstacles.


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