Shoujo Dominance: My Precious Reina Gets Western Release Date on PC

Shoujo Dominance: My Precious Reina Gets Western Release Date on PC

JAST USA announced they will publish the Monoceros+ eroge visual novel, Shoujo Dominance: My Precious Reina, in the west on PC-via the JAST USA store on July 22.

Shoujo Dominance: My Precious Reina is a…visual novel about a girl named Reina, who is relatively popular at school. However, she doesn’t seem to be romantically interested in the boys of her class, but she is romantically interested in someone. Okay, listen, it’s really tough to write about these visual novels in a serious tone, but we do our best. So anyway, the person she is interested in is, sigh, her father. So the story goes that this father and daughter duo start going steady and there isn’t much else to it.

The game features a nameless protagonist, the dad, who the player assumes the role of. Players will only be romantic with Reina through the narrative, and she might even be the only character illustration in the game. Players can also choose whether Reina wears glass or not, which is a pretty important choice, I suppose.

Outside of the romance elements, you know what you are getting with this release, so take it for what it is.

There is also a trailer, but given the imagery, we can’t really post here. You can search Shoujo Dominance – My Precious Reina – English Announcement Trailer on YouTube to find it.

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