Shoot’em Up ‘Horgihugh and Friends’ Coming to Switch This June

During the All Aksys presentation, the publisher has announced the western release of Horgihugh and Friends on Switch. This is a shoot’em up title created by Japanese developers at a company called Pixel Games & Entertainment that was previously released on PC by LionWing Publishing. It will be available in English on Nintendo Switch on June 2022. A more specific date has yet to be revealed.

Taking place in a world where the countries dismantled their weapons after a brutal war, two pilots will have to use a vintage fighter plane to protect the world from aliens called Gozareans. It’ll be up to Hugh and Figaro, two peace-loving friends, to stand up to the menace in this retro-styled adventure inspired on 16-bit classics.

Horgihugh and Friends is a side-scrolling horizontal shooter with 6 stages and 13 boss battles. As the player goes through the stages, they’ll have the chance to unlock powerful upgrades with the crystals they collect. The game also features a unique buddy system, which offers an AI-controlled friend to assist in battle.

Interesting to note is that the game features character designs by KOU (Makoto Yabe), who has previously worked on the Shantae series and the Mega Man ZX series as part of Inti Creates. The soundtrack features music by Motoaki Furukawa, whose previous works include Gradius II, Metal Gear, and Policenauts.

You can see a little of the PC version of Horgihugh in action here:

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