Classic Shmup ‘Radiant Silvergun’ Announces Steam Release

Live Wire has announced that the Treasure-developed shmup, Radiant Silvergun, will see a PC port via Steam later this month, on August 18, 2023. This was originally a 1998 arcade title that has seen several ports, including one for the Switch last year for $19.99.

This port will boast several features, including slip-screen cooperative play, Steam achievements, full controller support, and Steam leaderboard implementation. The game takes place on July 14, 2520 AD, following an excavated “stone-like object” putting humanity in peril. However, a space cruiser helmed by four crew members and a robonoid manages to escape. And just a year later, the team has to battle for survival as their supplies gradually run out.

The gameplay is about what you’d expect, though there are notable features, such as a separate mode operating with the rules of “Ikaruga,” the second Project RS entry. There are also five difficulty levels to help beginners grow better acquainted with the controls and sense of progression. Further, the soundtrack is composed by the renowned Hitoshi Sakimoto.

Players can anticipate 23 boss battles across six stages, weapons that level up depending on the achieved score, and secret bonuses gotten when defeating enemies in specific orders.

Thanks to Gematsu for sharing this news.

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