Shmup ‘DoDonPachi Resurrection’ Available Now on Switch in the West

Live Mode has published the Cave-developed shmup DoDonPachi Resurrection on Nintendo Switch digitally via the Nintendo eShop.

DoDonPachi Resurrection is a legendary shmup within the community that launched on PC-via Steam in 2016. The game was initially released in arcades in 2008 but has since seen several updates and additional systems.

The Switch version will include all the systems that players expect including Hyper Counter Mode, which offsets enemy bullets, and a Counter Laster, which cancels enemy attacks. Further, players can the game in Vertical Mode to experience it as if you were playing in the arcade.

Other modes include:

  • A Black Lable Mode – where you can take on higher challenges.
  • Black Label Arrangement Mode – where you can customize your own machine of “Ketsui.”
  • “Arrange A” that you can play with your own machine of the previous work “Do-Don-Pachi Daijou”
    “Ver1.51” where you can play the special edition limited to the event.
  • Black Label Mode allows you to fight “_ @ -zv_ @ (Zatsuza)” at any time. “_ @ -Zv_ @ (Zatsuza)” is a true boss hidden to the end.

We’ll keep you updated on the release of DoDonPachi Resurrection.

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You can also check out the gameplay trailer below:

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