Shiravune Shares The Two Openings of Qruppo’s Debut Visual Novel ‘Nukitashi’ Ahead of Its 2023 Release

Shiravune has shared two videos for their upcoming release Nukitashi. They reveal the two opening videos for the visual novel which was the debut release of Qruppo, a developer who garnered a following with their unique takes on eroge through this game and the Japan-only Hentai Prison.

Nukitashi tells the story of a resistance group of anti-copulation fighters called No Love No Sex. As Pervert Law and its sex-crazed proponents rule over Seiran Island, it’s all up to them to fight back. This humorous, weird story won the best scenario prize in the annual Moe Game Awards back in 2018. Qruppo became quickly famous and highly-acclaimed in Japan due to this crazy story, and this release has been highly anticipated.

The cast includes a group of misfits who wants to stay celibate including characters such as:

  • Junnosuke Tachibana, our protagonist who has a complex about his “little guy”;
  • Asane Tachibana (voiced by Soramame), his little sister who despite claiming to be a lesbian has a special desire for her brother;
  • Nanase Katagiri (voiced by Hitomi Yanagi), the “resident baddie” who’s actually a good girl but uses her delinquent looks to get out of sticky situations;
  • Hinami Watarai (voiced by Shino Amekawa), a tiny senior whose size makes guys treat her as if she were too young for sex.

Despite the name making it seem like a nukige (a sex-oriented game), the title is more about the comedic antics of taking such a wild scenario seriously. The first opening (that uses the song Hijitsuzaikei joshitachi wa dou surya ii desu ka?” by Rie Ayase) shows some of the antics and quirks of the main cast in a light-hearted manner:

Opening 2, however, shows a cooler side to Nukitashi instead of its initial moege aesthetics. The song is called The Apple is Cast!, with vocals by Takumu Kotohira and Tomoyo. The visuals seem to reflect a change of perspective, showing mostly orange-ish red and black imagery in contrast to the colorful and vibrant first opening.

Nukitashi is coming west in 2023, though a specific release date has yet to be announced. It’ll be available on PC via Steam and Johren (which already has pre-orders open at US$ 19.99).

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