Shiravune Announces Kara no Shoujo Trilogy Under the Name ‘The Shell’; HD Edition of the First Game Coming to PC in July

Shiravune has announced they’ll release the Kara no Shoujo trilogy on PC for Steam and Johren. This will include the HD editions of the first two games as well as the third title which is an entirely new release in the west. The first game will be called The Shell Part I: Inferno and it’ll be available on July 28, 2023. It’s priced $19.99 and the Johren version will already include the 18+ content.

Developed by Innocent Grey, the first two games in the Kara no Shoujo series were originally published in the West by MangaGamer. This new edition is based on the HD remastered versions which were only available in Japan so far. The third game is a highly anticipated title as the series’ dramatic conclusion and consistently figures among the most requested titles in MangaGamer polls.

The noir series with psychological elements follows Detective Reiji Tokisaka and his investigations of gruesome murders at a 1950s version of Tokyo. Though the game has a big visual novel portion, the gameplay sequences play a significant hand at the experience, as players may even fail to uncover the truth by doing them poorly.

Currently, the city is facing bizarre cases with young women as the victims. It’s up to Tokisaka to investigate the case but he soon finds out these tragic events are much more intricate than he imagined. As he enters a girls’ academy to look for clues, he will also get to know more about a mysterious girl called Toko Kuchiki who asks him to look for her true self.

You can check out some of the gorgeous screenshots below:

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