Shiravune Hosts Winter Sale With Up to 60% Visual Novels Including Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen, Nukitashi, White Album, and More

Shiravune Hosts Winter Sale With Up to 60% Visual Novels Including Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen, Nukitashi, White Album, and More

Shiravune announced the launch of a Winter Sale on Steam from December 22, 2023 through January 5, 2024. The same will allow players to purchase a few of their published catalog at a discounted price. The reason these sales are significant is that these games can get pretty pricey, but I guess that’s the same for all games. Either way, let’s get to the sales:

Game:Reg. PriceSale Price:
Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen$59.99$23.99
Dōkyūsei: Bangin’ Summer$19.99$7.99
WHITE ALBUM: Memories like Falling Snow$24.99$19.99
Monochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs Forgotten$59.99$41.99
Otome * Domain$24.99$14.99
The Shell Part I: Inferno$19.99$13.99

Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen: You awaken as Hakuowlo, injured and cared for by a girl with animal-like features. With no memory of your past, you become a leader in a village under threat from nobility. As you defend your new home and allies, you unravel the mysteries of the world and your forgotten history. This game is the first in the acclaimed Utawarerumono tactics-RPG and visual novel series.

Dōkyūsei: Bangin’ Summer: In this comedic and romantic coming-of-age story, a young man plans to make the most of his final months before graduation. He aims to make money and then spend it pursuing romance. Over three weeks, players experience different relationships and choose a partner. This game is a remastered version of a pioneering 1992 Japanese dating sim, now available globally with HD art and new features.

NUKITASHI: Set on Seiran Island, a tropical paradise with unique laws, you play as Junnosuke Tachibana, leader of a secret society opposing these laws. With a mysterious benefactor’s support, you and your team seek a girl crucial to your mission while avoiding the law. The goal is to find this girl and challenge the island’s controversial legal system.

WHITE ALBUM: Memories like Falling Snow: This romantic story follows Toya Fuji, a college student dating the increasingly popular singer Yuki Morikawa. As Yuki’s fame grows, their relationship faces challenges. The game explores their evolving love story against the backdrop of a snowy winter, metaphorically likened to a white, poignant album.

Monochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs Forgotten: In the remote Ennakamuy province, a young man’s life changes when he meets a girl who reveals his father is alive. They embark on a journey to the mysterious land of Arva Shulan. Facing challenges and making allies, the young man pursues the truth about his father, setting the stage for what will become a legendary tale.

Iwaihime: Written by Ryukishi07, this supernatural horror visual novel explores themes of curses and redemption. The story features characters designed by manga artist Kazuharu Kina, set against atmospheric backdrops created by Mocha. This international release includes scenario adjustments and improved CGs, presenting the writer’s preferred version of the tale.

Otome * Domain: After losing his grandmother, Minato is taken in by a wealthy girl who runs an all-girls academy. He starts living in the girls’ dorms, wearing a school uniform designed for girls. The story humorously unfolds as Minato navigates life in this new environment, often finding himself in the caretaker role for his eccentric benefactor.

The Shell Part I: Inferno: Set in 1956 Tokyo, this narrative follows private detective Reiji Tokisaka investigating a series of gruesome crimes involving young women. He infiltrates Oba Girls’ Academy as a teacher to gather information about missing students. There, he meets Toko Kuchiki, who plays a pivotal role in the mystery. The story delves into a dark cycle of tragedies, with secrets from the past possibly holding the key to solving the current crimes.

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