Shiravune’s Second Batch of Games Now Available on MangaGamer, Jast Store and Kagura Games; PRIMAL HEARTS, Suzukuri Dungeon, Chihiro Himukai and Others

Shiravune has released a second batch of games on other PC storefronts, including multiple Marmelade games as well as some older titles in their catalogue. Altogether, eight titles were added to MangaGamer Store, Jast Store and Kagura Games Store.

Shiravune is a DMM Games subsidiary focused on localizing Japanese titles to English and Chinese. They’re based in Tokyo, leading all their titles to keep the mosaic censorship on in accordance with Japanese law. Originally known as ShiraVN, they were founded in 2019.

Ever since then, they have acquired a staggering amount of licenses so far, including some absurdly impressive options like Dohna Dohna, Doukyuusei, Nukitashi, Great Deceiver, and the upcoming titles ONE. and SACRIFICE VILLAINS. Most of their releases are available on Steam as all-ages editions (though some have been banned) and on DMM’s Johren with the 18+ content intact (patches are also released there).

Previously, they had added multiple titles including Kuroinu Redux, Dohna Dohna, and The Shell Part I as their first contact with these alternate storefronts. You can check the full list on our previous post about this partnership.

The full list of licenses Shiravune added to other stores includes, with links to our reviews:

More titles are likely to reach those other storefronts in the future, hopefully expanding how accessible their catalogue is. We’ll be sure to let you know as they reveal more information on this partnership with the MangaGamer, Jast and Kagura stores. Hopefully Dungeon Travelers 2 and 2-2 also get to be in more places too after Steam banned them.

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