ShiraVN Rebrands as Shiravune, Promises At Least Eight New Visual Novels Coming Soon

ShiraVN, who has been making a name for themselves recently in the visual novel community, has rebranded themselves as Shiravune (pronounced “shee-rah-voo-nay,” not “shee-rah-voon”).

The publisher established themselves by releasing the Utawarerumono series on PC and memorable releases such as Marco & The Galaxy Dragon and Master Magistrate. The team has also focused on the more obscure visual novel titles by releasing horror titles such as Salthe and Iwaihime. Some of the developer’s releases also release with an all-ages and 18+ version.

Their most recent release, Meteor World Actor, was the first to be released through the online storefront Johren. Evidently, the company helped Shiravune release the title in the west after it was banned on Steam.

Shiravune revealed that they have plans to continue to release visual novels in the west, with a catalog of titles from different budgets. The team revealed that they are in the adventure stages of translation and development of at least eight new titles, both large and small.

Shiravune is based in Tokyo and is dedicated to localizing visual novels in English and Chinese to reach a wider audience.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the studio’s plans for 2021, but if you haven’t, check them out and follow their Twitter for their future projects.

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