Shinsou Noise “Mysteries of the Heart: The Psychic detective case files” Coming West via NekoNyan

At Anime Weekend Atlanta, publisher NekoNyan announced that they will be localizing the Azurite-developed visual novel, Shinsou Noise “Mysteries of the Heart: The Psychic detective case files” at a currently undisclosed time.

Notes: This will be released without mosaics. Described by panel host as a plotge and low on sexual content. 65% translated and 60% edited.

Throughout this title, Tachibana Kazuma is a new freshman attending Shizunomiya Academy, a school on the city’s outskirts. And Kazuma boasts quite an impressive ability; the power to read other peoples’ minds and thoughts. However, he can’t differentiate which thoughts belong to whom, understandably making his life immensely challenging on a daily basis.

He spends his first month at the Academy trying to internalize the mental strain his ability burdens him with while also getting used to the year-long team he’s assigned to. Shizunomiya divides students into teams for the year so they can handle group projects together and, more importantly, bond and overcome life’s challenges.

Though unfortunately for Kazuma, his group is comprised of erratic individuals that make his mind-reading ability the least of his concerns.

His sizable group contains the following individuals:

  • Quiet, Aloof Yukimoto Sakura
  • Sweet Airhead Momozono Moka
  • Energetic, Sporty, and Tart Kazama Natsuki
  • Self-Proclaimed Spiritual Medium Kurotsuki Sata
  • Gorgeous Society Girl Ootori Yuriko
  • Meathead Extraordinaire Kitagami Yoichi
  • Desperate for a Girlfriend Takanaga Shunta

As the one who will end up titled the Psychic Detective, Kazuma tries to get along with his group, with their first trial being the Case of the Stolen Gym Clothes.

You can view the opening movie of Shinsou Noise “Mysteries of the Heart: The Psychic detective case files” below:

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