Shift Up Wants to Decensor Illustrations in Destiny Child Global

Shift Up Wants to Decensor Illustrations in Destiny Child Global

If you haven’t heard of the mobile CCG, Destiny Child, then your life is probably lacking some much-needed waifus. More importantly, the game features RPG elements with a focus on building its narrative and character across each update.

Destiny Child first launched in 2016 in Korea before releasing a Global version in 2018. However, global players would quickly take notice of some alterations made to the character’s illustrations. Given that illustrator Hyung-Tae Kim is behind the creation of these characters, you can expect some skin and exaggerated body features to be the main focus of the designs. Sadly, many of these designs were altered in the global version.

In an interview with Shift Up Producer Jackie Lee, we asked why the illustrations were censored in the global release and how they felt about altering their character designs. Lee said, “Changes in the character designs for the global version were made at the request of the previous publisher before the service was transferred to SHIFT UP, and they didn’t account for the original intention of the development team.”

When the game first launched globally, Line Games was the publisher. Just recently, the Shift Up took over the license to continue the game’s global version. Lee adds, “After the service has been transferred to us, characters are being released with the same design as the Japanese version. We are well aware that many users around the world are unhappy about the design changes.”

The producer also informed us that they are actively working on a fix for the already released characters. Lee says, “We also have a strong desire to provide global users with unchanged designs of Destiny Child’s characters just like the DMM GAMES version in Japan. However, in order to do this, we need some time to prepare it. It will take some time, but we will find a way. We always have.”

Please be on the lookout for the full interview with more details from the developer soon.

Destiny Child is available now on iOS and Android devices.

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