Shenmue Creator Now Working on NFTs; Creative Supervisor

Unfortunately, the creator of the Shenmue series, Yu Suzuki, is now working on NFTs. As reported by Medium, the “gaming-optimised blockchain” Oasys, has announced the launch of OASYX, “the first NFT project built on Oasys’ native blockchain.” Suzuki will be the Creative Supervisor of the inaugural NFTs, specifically regarding the overall theme and art direction.

Suzuki shared the following comment alongside this announcement:

 “As the first NFT project on the Oasys chain, in which SEGA, Bandai Namco, Square Enix and other leading game developers are participating, we expect OASYX to provide a runway for the success of NFTs in the near future.

We also believe that the management of world building in its nascent stages has meaningful value for both myself and this industry, and OASYX is primed to be a major initiative in finding original value in digital data.”

If you’re curious about more details surrounding this NFT project, check out Medium’s article.

Thanks to Siliconera for sharing this noteworthy news.

Also in the realm of saddening NFT news is the Symbiogenesis project by Square Enix. When first trademarked, fans initially thought this was hinting toward a Parasite Eve revival.

Further, veteran Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano has shared enthusiastic plans for an NFT project called Zielchan.

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