Sharin no Kuni Still in Development Hell, Receives Another Delay for New Engine

The Re: Sharin no Kuni Project Team has updated those awaiting the release of Sharin no Kuni in the west stating that the game will not release in their planned 3-month window as predicted in November. Instead, the developer requires 6 months for additional development.

The delay came after the team encountered issues with the feature to switch between, 16:9 (original console assets) and 4:3 (original PC assets). To solve this, they have decided to use a new base program featuring the tools needed to make it all possible.

They added, “The fact that the base program is going to be replaced does not mean that all the work that has been done up until now is going to be wasted: parts of the code and assets will be used, albeit with some modifications, in order to speed up the process as much as possible.”

The team will share a new update after the New Year.

Developed by Akabeisoft2 Sharin no Kuni: The Girl Among the Sunflowers was initially released in 2005 on PC until it received an updated console port in 2010. The game is set in a farming town where players assume Kenichi Morita’s role, who is training to become a member of Special High-Class Individuals (SHCI), an elite group of people. These members are given Obligations, which they must follow or face punishment.

For Kenichi’s final test, he is sent to his childhood home to rehabilitate three students who possess obligations and prepare them to re-enter society.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the development and localization of Sharin no Kuni: The Girl Among the Sunflowers. In case you missed it, you can check out some gameplay shared recently from the English build.

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