Shadows of the Damned Remaster “Coming to All Current Platforms. Probably”

Grasshopper Manufacture previously announced that their 2011 action-adventure game, Shadows of the Damned Remastered, will receive an enhanced modern release titled Shadows of the Damned: Remaster.

In the latest Grasshopper Direct, Shadows of the Damned Remastered received a new trailer, and the company revealed that it will launch for all current platforms, “probably.”

A release date was not announced, but we’ll be sure to keep you all updated. Electronic Arts published the original release. The game was a pretty enjoyable classic, though I was admittedly not expecting it to see a revival. Still, I’m pretty excited.

Shadows of the Damned follows Garcia Hotspur, whose girlfriend, Paula, has just been kidnapped by the Lord of Demons named Fleming, who plans to kill Paula eternally. With no power to his name, Garcia decides to follow Fleming to the underworld with his demon gun sidekick in hand. This demon gun, named Johnson, can also turn into a torch and motorcycle, which comes in handy as Garcia navigates the demon realm.

Gameplay has players traverse through the underworld shooting demons across various levels. Johnson can turn into a pistol, shotgun, and even a rifle which can be customized further into the game. Bosses in the games also expand the skillset of Garcia after they are defeated.

You can view the full Grasshopper Direct 2023 below:

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