Adventure JRPG ‘Shadows of Adam’ Receives Nintendo Switch Release Date

Circle Entertainment announced that the Something Classic Games developed adventure JRPG Shadows of Adam will launch on Nintendo Switch via the eShop on May 3.

Shadows of Adam provides a modern take on SNES-era JRPGs and features pixel-based visuals. The development team has also created an extensive soundtrack and filled the game with outrageous battles for players to encounter. While it pays homage to classic games, it does also present some unique features. The Nintendo Switch version will include the previously released DLC ‘Guild of the Artificers’.

The story in Shadows of Adam tells the story of a peaceful village named Adam. While times are good, darkness is approaching and the town’s once legendary hero, Orazio, is nowhere to be found. 10 years ago he left, leaving his son and adopted daughter to handle a secret that will be revealed to them in hopes of saving the town.

Gameplay has the player assume the role of multiple characters and take part in turn-based battles. Players are able to save anywhere on their adventure and will need to utilize the skills of each of their party members in order to save the town.

The publisher also released a new gameplay trailer, showing the game running on Nintendo Switch.

Shadows of Adam is available now on PC-via Steam.

You can watch the new trailer below:

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