Shadowgun War Games Review – A Team Based Shooter That Doesn’t Have Its Ultimate Ready

Shadowgun War Games Review – A Team Based Shooter That Doesn’t Have Its Ultimate Ready

Since the launch of Overwatch in 2016, plenty of developers have been trying to capture the mystical, childlike wonder Blizzard was able to create. Shadowgun War Games, developed by MADFINGER, was aiming to be the mobile answer to Overwatch, but it ended up being something as bland as Soldier 76’s dad jokes. There’s a little here that kept me playing for more than two matches at a time, but after a while, I decided to turn it off and play something else.

Let’s start with what works. Visually, the game looks fantastic. Environments are vibrant and have a fun futuristic feel to it. Characters you can choose from also have some personality to them. The gameplay is simple enough to understand with Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag being the only modes available at this time.

After that, everything else ends up being a complete mess. Other team-based first-person shooters have a variety of characters at launch. Overwatch, for example, had 21 characters. Shadowgun War Games has a whopping five characters, which aren’t at all balanced, which was quickly evident during my first match

Shadowgun War Games 1

True, there aren’t many multiplayer games with a “perfect balance” of characters, but it’s too difficult to overlook in this title. Take the tank character, Revenant, as an example. He has a wide-range unblockable crowd-control attack that slows and disorients characters in front of him, making for easy clean up of an entire team.

Along with a ridiculously large health pool, teams would be better off running five Revenants to stomp enemy teams. There are other characters, of course, not that it matters. Slade is your typical Call of Duty soldier, SARA is support who has a healing ability and a giant rocket launcher for some reason, Jet is a speedy assassin, and Willow is a sniper.

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Even with the different weapons and abilities that these characters have, every match is a bit hectic and has no real feel of team play. Team compositions don’t matter. As I mentioned earlier, if you want a quick win, pick five Revenants. It’s a bit surprising that the developers couldn’t borrow from the other team-based shooters to make additional characters to balance out these matches. It would have given the game the strategic depth it desperately needs if it wants to be anything remotely close to a team-based shooter.

Aiming continually felt unmanageable no matter how much I messed with the sensitivity options. It always felt too fast or too slow. I’d have to break my thumbs to put my crosshair over an enemy. The general movement even feels off. What’s most surprising about this is that the “faster” characters feel just as sluggish as Revenant, who is supposed to be slow.

Shadowgun War Games 3

The real kicker for me was this game’s battle pass. I understand any free-to-play game needs to have some form of monetization. Still, the $10 XP boosts, skins, and the in-game currency isn’t worth it for a game that’s practically still in a beta phase.

I collectively played this game for an hour and fully understood that there is just nothing here in terms of quality. It wouldn’t hurt to take examples of other games. That’s the great thing about gaming – as long as you don’t make a direct rip-off off other titles, it’s okay to take inspiration from them and create your own game.

Shadowgun War Games 5

Shadowgun War Games tries to deliver a promise that they didn’t even know they made. A “hero” shooter doesn’t mean five separate class characters who don’t make an impact on how the game is played no matter who you pick. The developer would have been better off going a different route such as using generic characters with different weapons available to use. Plenty of other first-person shooters on mobile have so much more content and proper controls to boot.

In the game’s current state, Shadowgun War Games is incomplete. Really what this game needs is to rapidly push out whatever characters they have lined up or at least release them all at once. Additional game modes wouldn’t hurt either. The battle pass should probably be temporarily shut down as well since it’s not offering much. Oh well, time to play something else.

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